LezWatch.TV Docs Theme

Based on UnderStrap, which combines Underscores and Bootstrap, the LezWatch.TV Docs theme has been customized.

Basic Features

  • Combines Underscore’s PHP/JS files and Bootstrap’s HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Comes with Bootstrap (v4) Sass source files and additional .scss files. Nicely sorted and ready to add your own variables and customize the Bootstrap variables.
  • Uses a single minified CSS file for all the basic stuff.


  • Your design goes into: /sass/theme.
  • Add your styles to the /sass/theme/_theme.scss file
  • Add your variables to the /sass/theme/_theme_variables.scss
  • Add other .scss files into it and @import it into /sass/theme/_theme.scss.

Installing Dependencies

  • Make sure you have installed Node.js and Browser-Sync (optional) on your computer globally
  • Then open your terminal and browse to the location of your UnderStrap copy
  • Run: $ npm install


To work with and compile your Sass files on the fly start:

  • $ gulp watch