Flash Briefing

This endpoint returns the ten most recent posts with excerpts, in a simplified JSON output for Alexa Flash Briefing API.



Example Request

GET https://lezwatchtv.com/wp-json/lwtv/v1/alexa-skills/briefing

Example Output

      "titleText":"Even More Tales Of The City",
      "mainText":"Even More Tales Of The City. Coming to Netflix is the next installment in the \"Tales of the City\" franchise.",
      "titleText":"The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week \u2013 May 6, 2019",
      "mainText":"The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week \u2013 May 6, 2019. Alex and Kelly come out to each other on Supergirl, Sara joins Ava's book club on Legends of Tomorrow and Mel comes clean to Niko on Charmed.",
      "titleText":"Queer Beats – May 3, 2019",
      "mainText":"Queer Beats – May 3, 2019. This week, Juliantina continue to say 'gay rights,' CLAIREvoyant is working on a season 2, and we might finally get Alex\/Kelly content next week!",

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