Listicles Plugin

Gutenberg Block for generating listicles.

About This Project

The basic concept of Listicles is to generate lists of content in a correct HTML way using <dl> instead of <ol>. By taking advantage of CSS counters, we’re able to automagically increment the content by adding more and more items to the list.

It was originally created for use on LezWatch.TV.


This project was bootstrapped with Create Guten Block.


To use this project you will need Node.js and npm installed. If you don’t already, please visit the Node.js download page and follow their directions.


  1. git clone plugin-name
  2. npm install

This will install everything you need to build


The source code is located in /src/ – that’s where most (if not all) of your work will happen.

  • blocks.js – A list of all the separate JS files included
  • /block/listicle.js – The main listicle file
  • /block/listitem.js – Individual list items (this is only usable inside the Listicles block)
  • /block/listdt.js – The list title
  • /block/listdd.js – The list content (this allows you to add as many sub blocks as you can)

Once you’ve made your changes you’ll rebuild the plugin using the Create Guten Block commands. Ex:

  • npm start – Use to compile and run the block in development mode.
  • npm run build – Use to build production code for your block inside dist folder.


This project is licensed under the GPLv2 (or Later) License – see the file for details