Changing Names

Sometimes an actor changes their name. Maybe they got married, maybe they transitioned. When you need to change someone’s name, you can use this checklist:

Change The Display Name

This is the name everyone sees. It’s what the ‘of the week’ code runs on. First you want to change that:

Fix the Bio

Make sure the bio only uses their preferred name. You don’t need “Formerly …” (we’ll handle that in another section, keep reading), just update it with the new name.

Many times a name change comes with a transition, which may result in new pronouns! Make sure everything’s on the up and up.

Update the Socials!

While sometimes they slack on updating domain names, usually they’re on the ball with Twitter and Insta:

Also remember Wikipedia! They’re pretty on the ball there, but even if it’s wrong, it should redirect on WikiPedia’s end, so don’t stress too much.

Add the Dead Name to “Additional Notes”

No one wants to have their deadname all over the place, but people do still search for it. In order to not publicize a deadname, but keep it searchable, we use Additional Notes:

Change the Permalink

Go to the sidebar and change their permalink (permanent link, y’see):

Just edit ‘rhea’ in that above example and change it to ‘river.’

WordPress will automagically create a redirection for you, and ask you if it’s okay. Its okay.

What about their characters…?

Most of the time, that won’t change. We probably already have the character flagged as ‘Queer IRL.’ If you want to check, go ahead, but we have a scripted checker that runs weekly, so eventually that will be snagged.