Removing Content

While the best case is we never have to remove data, there are some actors who would like their data removed. When that happens, we have two options to present to them.

In all cases, remember to explain what’s going on via a special block called “Private Notes:”

Enter in what was removed and why from the character page, as well as the actor. This will allow us to restore data if needed, while respecting their privacy.

Removal of Personal Data

For this, just empty out all the data. Remove the bio, any social media, the birthday, etc. Put the data into a Private Notes block with an explanation as to what happened. If necessary remove the image as well. You can replace the bio with “An actor.” if you wish, but it’s okay to leave it blank as well.

Complete Removal

If they want a full removal, set the page to private and enter in why in a Private Notes block and then change the page to PRIVATE. This will make the page invisible to non-logged-in users, however admins will still see it. To make sure we know what’s going on, you will see a notice on front and back end of the page to explain it’s private and why.