Editing Content

Thank you for volunteering as a LWTV editor! LezWatchTV is 100% Open Source, volunteer built and run.

What We Cover

Our database includes all non-cis male queer characters on TV, streaming shows and webseries, the actors who play them and the shows they appear on. Only scripted series are recorded, regardless of their country of origin. It does not include Reality TV, theatrical movies or documentaries. Scripted docudramas based on real people (i.e. Dopesick, When We Rise, etc.) are included.

Editing Guidelines

If you have access to edit a page, then you have permission to edit it. Fixing each other’s spelling mistakes or typos are welcome. If you want to confirm with the author, jump on Slack and ping them but for the most part, just fix what’s wrong and move on.

Adding New Data

Editors are continually adding the following data to the TV database:

If you are entering a new show and its characters, the recommended order is as follows:

  1. Create the show and save it as draft
  2. Check for the actor (many are already in the database)
  3. If there’s no actor, add the actor and publish the post
  4. Add the character and publish the post
  5. Go back to the show, make any updates that came up while writing up characters, and publish

Adding New Articles

We also publish articles. Below is our guide to writing article content: