Writing Content

So you’re ready to write a post? Awesome, let’s do this!

The Rules

If you have access to edit a page, then you have permission to edit the site. We’re cool people here, and we respect each other so don’t worry about fixing spelling or correcting mistakes.

If you’re really worried, jump on Slack and ping people.

If someone else is posting a blog post, try to wait till the next day and space them out, but if it’s breaking news, all bets are off.

Multiple Authors

Two lesbians, six opinions. Since we don’t always like the same shows, we’ve devised a way for multiple people to review a show (or a character) and we made is simple.

The first person to review a show writes in their voice. If a second person comes along, they will add in the first author’s name in bold above their comments, and then their own name in bold above there own. For a full example, check out The L Word.

Short example:

Mika: I love this show!

Tracy: I hate this show!

It’s not alphabetical, it’s first come, first words.


All characters on all TV shows, no matter the country of origin, is fair game for the site. This includes web series. It does not include Reality TV or Docudramas. Docudramas are based on real people, which violates the ‘no real people’ clause. The only exception is when TV characters are actors playing TV versions of themselves. For example, Emma Thompson played herself, only gay, on the original Ellen.