Editing Content

You’re ready to be a site editor? Awesome!

What We Cover

Our database includes all characters on TV, streaming shows and webseries, regardless of the country of origin. It does not include Reality TV, theatrical movies or documentaries. Docudramas are based on real people, which does not violate the ‘no real people’ clause.

Real people are allowed when…

  • the show is based on a real-story, but isn’t meant to be a documentary.
  • the characters are actors playing TV versions of themselves. For example, Emma Thompson played herself, only gay, on the original Ellen.

Editing Guidelines

If you have access to edit a page, then you have permission to edit it. Fixing each other’s spelling mistakes or typos are welcome. If you want to confirm with the author, jump on Slack and ping them but for the most part, just fix what’s wrong and move on. No one will mind and we have good backups.

Adding New Content

Usually this means adding a new TV show, actor, and character. The recommended order is as follows:

  1. Create the show and save it as draft
  2. Check for the actor (many are already in the database)
  3. If there’s no actor, add the actor and publish the post
  4. Add the character and publish the post
  5. Go back to the show, make any updates that came up while writing up characters, and publish

When you publish a show, you will be prompted to share the post:

Customize the message to explain the show, and use hashtags (like in the above image, #invincible would be used instead of the show name).

New to the database is #invincible – about a superpowered teen who learns the world is even stranger than he thought. Like his father murdering the lesbian…

However if you don’t want to share the post to social media, you can uncheck all those locations (Facebook, twitter, etc). If you’re at all nervous or think the show will attract angry people, it’s fine to not publicize 🙂