Block Editor

As of December 2018, we use WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” which includes a new editor: The Block Editor (aka Gutenberg). This new editor can be a serious paradigm shift in how you write with WordPress.

Deep breath.

Most everything is “just write.” If you have a twitter link, or a video, just paste in the URL into an empty line (aka a block) and it will auto convert. We have created custom blocks to make certain repeatable actions easier.

Author Box

Insert an author box. Generally you won’t need this so don’t worry.


Give an article a grade. This is a quick way to rate something in a review when it’s not really a screener. Like season two of a series.


Provided by the Listicles Plugin

Type /listicle into a fresh line on Gutenberg:

Click on “Listicle” and it will generate a block that has two options for Listicle items.

Each item gets a title and then below it you can add content. Use the buttons at the bottom to add or remove items. If you want to have a reverse list (for a countdown) you can use the “Toggle Order” to reverse.


Inserts a customizable Screener block. Use this for shows you review pre-airing.


Inserts an editable spoiler warning.