Managing Your WordPress Account

If you have an account on LezWatch.TV, you may want to know how to edit it and customize it.

Your profile can be edited at

Personal Options

This is where you set the general interface with WordPress.

We recommend you leave Visual editor and Syntax Highlighting unchecked unless you’re super familiar with WordPress. You should keep Toolbar checked, as it makes it easier to move around the admin screens. If you’re not editing comments on the site, don’t worry about Keyboard Shortcuts. As for Admin Color Scheme, pick something to make you happy. If you use multiple WordPress sites, having a separate color for each can be helpful.


The Name section allows you to change how your name is displayed.

By default, your Nickname will be your username, but that can be edited. You do not have to put in your first or last name.

Contact Info

This is where you list how people can find you.

The only field we require is your email, for obvious reasons. Everything else (Twitter, Facebook, etc) is for use when we display your name on our Team Page.

About Yourself

This information is for your public profile.

The default image is the gay unicorn, and you can use Gravatar to manage your profile picture.

Account Management

You generally won’t need to worry about this, but it’s for resetting passwords and forcing logouts.

Application Passwords

You probably won’t need this at all.

LezWatch.TV Customizations

The info you enter is added to the data Yoast SEO outputs in its output, for instance when you’re the author of a page. It’s also reused in your profile on the Team Page.

Please only add the info you feel good sharing publicly. It’s ALL optional.


This is normally handled by Gravatar, but if you don’t want to use it with your email, you can add one here.

If you don’t see your avatar, ask in #editors Slack. An admin may have to add it for you. Or you could be Sara Lance…