The goal with a show post is to explain what the show is about. The data in the show will be used to generate the show score. In order to make that easier, we broke things up into sections.

Show Content

The main content of the show is at the top of the page.

If there are big spoilers, put them down in the notable queer episodes and/or timelines sections (near the bottom of the page). If people are looking there on purpose, they deserve what they get.

Title (Add show)

The official title of the show. For example, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and not CSI. This means, yes, if they call it Venice: The Series so do we. If two shows have the same name, indicate the least popular (or the second one) with a parenthetical. The American version of 24 is simply called that, but the Indian version is called 24 (Indian).

TV Show Image

AKA Featured image. It should be at least 960×400 pixels. 1200×675 is better. This will be both the header image for the post as well as the ‘thumbnail’ for the show listing page. Make it as gay as possible. When all else fails, pick the show’s title card.

If you can’t get an image that large, it’s okay.

Post Content

An overview of the show. We’re not looking for novels, just a description of what the show is, what it’s about, who’s in it.


This is what will display on the show listing page, so keep it witty, keep it pretty, keep it gay. And yes, customize it. This will be used on the group shows listing pages as well as on our Amazon Alexa skill.

TV Show Data

This section contains extra data. It’s all listed below the content

Air Dates & Seasons

  • Air Dates: What years did the show air? Set the second year to ‘Current’ if it’s still airing.
  • Seasons: The number of seasons. If a show is currently airing, don’t worry about this.

TV Stations & Nations

  • TV Stations: ABC, NBC, FOX, BBC 1. You get the idea. If the show airs on YouTube, use that.
  • Nations: What country did the show originate from?

Show Format & IMDB

  • Show Format: A dropdown listing the possible formats (TV Show, TV Movie, Mini Series, or Web Series)
  • IMDB ID: This is freeform text but should be the ID: tt123456

Genres & Primary

  • Genres: What kind of show is this? Anime? Mystery? The values will auto-complete and you can add multiple entries.
  • Primary Genre: This will auto-fill from whatever genres you pick. It’s okay to leave it blank if you’re not sure.

Stars & Trigger Warnings


  • Gold Stars: Shows about queer females, written by queer females.
  • Silver Stars: Shows about queers in general, male or female
  • Bronze Stars: Made by queers for anyone
  • Anti Star: Made by straights for queers (used only for BAD shows)

Trigger Warnings:

If the show has some stomach turning scenes or ever flashes one of those “if you’re thinking about suicide…” warnings, it probably needs this.

  • High: Game of ThronesLaw & Order SVUThe 100
  • Med: Law & Order CICSI
  • Low: Law & Order


Intersectionality should be used if a show has really GOOD representation. Like One Day at a Time gets one for “PoC-Centric” but Grey’s Anatomy does not get one for “Disabilities.”

Trope Plots

Start typing to fill in the content. “Law Enforcement” includes PIs and military.

Worth It, Details & Love

  • Worth: Yes, Meh, No. Be honest. If you haven’t seen it, use TDB.
  • Details: Explain why some lesbians wince at The L Word. (Note: If you picked TBD for Worth It, this will not display)
  • Loved It?: A simple checkbox. Yes or no. Most everything is no. Above all else, this is a show everyone loves. Only use if you are a billion percent sure and have cleared it with Tracy and Mika.

Paste in a direct link. Amazon, Apple, and CBS links will be auto-converted to affiliate links. Examples:


Similar Shows

Try to pick at least one, because our ShowBot makes some weird choices. You can pick more than 6, but only 6 will show.

Relativistic Ratings

Ratings are where we review and describe how much the show is awesome. All of these fields are optional, but it’s nice if we can explain it. Ratings are scored 0 to 5, and details are why the score is what it is.

  • Realness: 1 means the show is not even close to real for how lesbians are, a 5 means this is like life. A show like Lost Girl gets a 4 on the realness scale because it handles polyamory and bisexuality very well, but is weirdly transphobic.
  • Quality: If the lesbians are real, so’s the show, right? Nope! Some shows are outright terrible while still having weirdly accurate lesbians. Again, 1 is bad quality, 5 is awesome. A 0 would be “Everyone dies.”
  • Screen Time: 1 means Friends, where we get an episode or two a season. A 5 means The L Word or Take My Wife. 0 means ‘they mentioned queers…’ which normally we wouldn’t even bother, but sometimes it matters.

Plots and Relationships

This is where we break down the details of the show. All of these fields are optional, but it’s nice if we can explain it.

  • Ship Names: Separate multiple ship names with commas
  • Queer Plots Timeline: Write up an overview of the plot lines that are gay. If only three seasons are gay, just talk about those three seasons.
  • List all the episodes that are super gay.

The sidebar has a lot of duplicated data (featured image, excerpt, etc) but also a special section for tags. You can totally ignore this if you don’t know what that means.


This is extra tags used by the similar shows code.