Some sites have additional tools created to help data keep in sync. The tools can be found on the WordPress admin dashboard with the menu name of the site.


If data gets out of sync or we update things incorrectly, the checkers can help identify those errors before people get snippy. Keep in mind, the checkers have to check a lot of data, so they can be slow. To help with this, the checks are automated to run once a week for each check. When you visit the page, you’ll see a list of what needs fixing. Once you’re done, you can press the re-run button to recheck.

Queer Checker

This is used to keep queerness in sync and checks that …

  • all characters assigned to queer actors have the queer-irl cliché
  • all characters with the queer-irl cliché have at least one actor who is queer

Actor Checker

This is used to ensure actors are properly updated. It checks that …

  • all actors have at least one character
  • if an actor has a death date, they have a birth date

Incomplete Actor

Specifically checks for actors missing images or a bio. This was mostly important for when we’d auto-generated a few thousand actor pages back in 2016.

Character Checker

This is used to ensure characters are properly updated. It checks that characters have …

  • at least one cliché
  • at least one show
  • at least one actor

Show Checker

This checks that shows have …

  • at least one character
  • worthit ratings and details
  • realness, quality, and screentime ratings
  • at least one station
  • at least one nation
  • a show format
  • valid airdates
  • at least one genre
  • at least one trope