The goal with an actor page is to briefly explain who the person is and why they matter. We’ve split the content up into sections to make it easier to maintain and update.

Main Content

The main part of the actor page is the content about the actor.

Name (Add Actor)

The name of the actor. Pick the name they’re best known by.

  • Honor the cultures that use family name first (ex: Shida Yui)
  • Use an alias or nickname if they’re better known by that (ex: Kat Barell)


This is split into two sections. The featured image is on the left, and should be added first if possible. On the right is the space for the bio. This can be as long as needed. Don’t repeat anything we cover elsewhere (like birthday). If they have an official bio, you can crib from that.

Actor Details

Below the content is a lot of extra data. Please fill this in as best you can

Some notes:

  • Gender Identity – If you find someone who has a gender we don’t have listed we add it, no questions asked.
  • Sexuality – Default to heterosexual. If you can’t tell and are working on a webseries, default to Unknown.

Everything else should be pretty ‘straightforward’ as it were.