Actor profile pages provide biographical and other details about an actor.


Enter the actor’s name. Use the name they’re best known by.

  • Honor the cultures that use family name first (ex: Shida Yui)
  • Use the actor’s preferred name and never use dead names
  • Use an alias or nickname if they’re better known by that (ex: Kat Barell)

Main Content

The main content of an actor’s post is the actor’s biography.

Enter the actor’s bio, this can be as long as needed. Don’t repeat anything we cover elsewhere (i.e. birth date). If they have an official bio, you should use that. If there is information confirming an actor’s sexual or gender orientation (like an interview) please include a link to it in their bio. i.e. “In an interview with the Advocate, Bridgette said they identified as queer.”

Actor Photo

If an actor has official headshots on their IMdB or personal web pages please use that.

Actor Details

Below the content area are fields for extra details. Please fill this in as best you can

Gender and Sexual Orientation

The default values are:

  • Gender: Cisgender Woman
  • Sexuality: Unknown

Respect and use an actor’s self-declared sexual and gender orientation. If a sexual or gender orientation doesn’t already exist in our database, add it. It’s imperative to respect people’s identity.

This also means if an actor is not out (no matter how sure you are they’re queer) do not out them. If you can’t find any personal details on an actor use ‘Unknown.’



There are no default pronouns and it is currently optional. If you know someone has specific pronouns, check them off. You can use as many as they use.

Birth/Death Dates

Put in the data as YYYY-MM-DD — if you click on the field, it will open a calendar.

Professional and Social Data

Enter as much data as is available.