When we get a new editor, a rainbow gets even gayer!

Before you start, check if the new editor has used WordPress or not. If so, a lot of stuff gets a lot easier! If not, well don’t worry, it’s not hard.

Collect Information

To add a new user to the site, we need some basic information. Here’s one way to collect it:

Huzzah and welcome to the database! We love having more and more people volunteer to help us make this the greatest, most inclusive, database for queer female, non-binary, and transgender actors ever!

We run the site on WordPress, which is a content management system to organize all the bits and bobs into their proper place, so all we have to do is add shows, actors, and characters, and celebrate. Don’t worry if you’ve never used WordPress before, we have documentation to help you.

To get started, we need to get some basic information so we can create an account. What we need is:

1. Your preferred username – This will be public information, so if you want to use an alias, that’s totally okay. Just remember it can’t be changed!
2. What is the best email for you – You’ll need this if you need your password reset etc. You can change it whenever you want, and it’s private.

We’ll generate an account and you’ll get an email to log in.

Create Account

Once you have the information, login to LezWatch.TV and go to Users -> Add User and add in the basic information. Most people will be added as Editors, which allows them to write blog posts. If they have absolutely no interest in that, you can set them to ‘Data Editor’ which is a more limited role.

Then tell the new editor:

You should be getting that email in just a couple minutes. If you don’t see it, let me know.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll want to check out the documentation:

https://docs.lezwatchtv.com/admin/managing-wordpress/ – managing your user account
https://docs.lezwatchtv.com/style/ – Style Guide (aka how to write the bestest posts)

If you’re interested in writing editorials, speak up in #editors on Slack! We love having people write content and it’s where you can be opinionated to your heart’s content!