Character profile pages provide a description and other details about a character. Note: Before you enter a character to the database, make sure the actor who plays them is added.

When to Add a Character

A character gets added to our database when they are queer female, transgender or non-binary and have at least a name and lines. Background characters with no lines do not need to be added.

Character Name

Enter the name of the character. Pick the name they’re best known by.

  • Honor the cultures that use family name first (ex: Shida Yui)
  • Use an alias/alternate name if they’re better known by that (ex: Thirteen, Adam Torres)
  • If a character switches names during the show you can use the ‘first’ name first and separate with a slash (ex: Moira/Max)

Main Content


Enter a description of the character.

Character Photo

Use a photo of the character and not the actor. You can find these on promotion or press websites for shows. If you can’t find a photo you can use a screenshot.

Additional Data

Gender Identity, Sexuality, Romantic Orientation

Choose the gender, sexual and romantic (if applicable) orientation the character identifies as. If the character does not explicitly state their orientations choose the ones that fit best or you can use unknown.

Character Clichés

Choose the cliches that apply to the character. If the character is played by an out queer actor make sure to add “Queer IRL.” If they truly have no cliche’s choose “None.” If they are a dead character remember to use “Dead Queers.” This, in combination with the character’s death date contributes to the death statistics.


If the character dies, use the air date the death occurred. Generally, it will be the episode airdate unless they died off-camera. In that case, pick either the episode date their death is stated or try to figure out which episode they died in. If you can’t tell, go for the closest date possible. If a character is dead make sure they have the “Dead Queers” Cliche tag.

Actor Name

If the character was played by multiple actors, add them all. Put the most known actor in the first position. Use ‘Unknown’ as last resort.


If the character is on multiple shows add all of the shows they appear on.

  • Show Name – This is a dropdown. If the show isn’t listed, leave it blank and update it when the show has been added to the database. It’s best to add the show, even if we don’t publish it, just so it can be filled in later. 
  • Multiple Shows – You can add more than one show if a character appears on multiple shows (Lucretia from the Spartacus series, Janet King from her own show and Crownies, for example).
  • Character Type – There are three character types: Main, recurring and guest. Main is for main characters that are on nearly every episode. Recurring characters are on multiple episodes and are involved in one of the show’s story arcs. Guest characters only appear on one episode (two max).
  • Years Appears – Check off every year they’re on a show.