The goal with a character post is to briefly explain who the person is and why they matter.

Main Content

Character Name (Add character)

The name of the character. Pick the name they’re best known by.

  • Honor the cultures that use family name first (ex: Shida Yui)
  • Use an alias/alternate name if they’re better known by that (ex: Thirteen, Adam Torres)
  • If a character switches names during the show you can use the ‘first’ name first and separate with a slash (ex: Moira/Max)
  • If the character has only one name, and it’s really common that’s okay WordPress will add a -2 to the post name
  • It’s okay to correct the name later.


The post content should be short and to the point. Unless you’re Sara Lance.

Character Photo

Pick the best headshot you can. Yes, we really are serious about 1020×1200 being the ‘optimal’ size. No, you don’t have to make it that big. 400×600 is fine.

Additional Data

There’s a lot going on here, we know.

Gender Identity, Sexuality, Romantic Orientation

Pick the best one you can. If a character identifies as one, take them at their word. We default to Cisgender Homosexual with no romantic orientation. If you have no idea what that last one means, keep it at ‘none’. Mostly this happens with LGBT web series.

Character Clichés

We’re looking for things like ‘parent’ and ‘queer IRL’ – Every character has a cliché. Even if it’s vegetarian. None should be the absolute last resort. The goal is to have everyone with a cliché that isn’t “none”.


If they’re dead, pick the real life (not in show universe), date. Generally it will be the episode airdate unless they died off camera. In that case, pick either the episode date where it’s stated they’re dead or if you can figure out which episode they died in, use that. Good luck. If you can’t tell, go for the closest date possible.

Actor Name

If there are multiple actors, add multiple rows. Put the most known actor (or the most current) on top. Use ‘Unknown’ as an absolute last resort.


This section is a repeatable field.

  • Show Name – This is a dropdown. If the show isn’t listed, that’s okay you can leave it blank. It’s best to add the show, even if we don’t publish it, just so it can be filled in later. You can add a new row if someone is on multiple shows (Lucretia from the Spartacus series, Janet King from her own show and Crownies, for example).
  • Character Type – Main cast is easy. Recurring and guest are semantics. If they have their own plot, they’re probably recurring. If they only have one episode, they’re probably guests.
  • Years Appears – Check off every year they’re on a show.