Blog Posts

Blog posts are what make the world go round! If you’re normally a database editor and you want to write a blog post, we’d love to have you! You can check out the submission guidelines and then just ask in #editor chat on Slack.


Blog posts should be staggered somewhat, so we don’t overlap too much. Some posts have a weekly scheduled, so please be aware when scheduling posts

Content Types

The following kinds of content are posted regularly. Just because something isn’t listed doesn’t mean we don’t post it, just that it’s not common.

  • Breaking News: These are to be posted as soon as possible – recommended title “Breaking News: [The Thing]”
  • Exclusives: Interviews (for the most part) – they should be scheduled and preferably no more than one a week
  • Listicles: i.e. ‘Best Wall Makeout Scenes’ posts – these use a special block called “Listicle”

In addition, we have regular contributors who post once a week.

  • Monday — The Queerest Thing I Watched: Tracy posts this every Monday at midday
  • Wednesday: Mika posts something on Wednesdays. She doesn’t have a set piece.
  • Friday — Queer Beats: Nikki posts what’s new with queer things around the world every Friday morning


There’s a super handy social sharing feature of all posts, called “Publicize.” You can use this to connect your site to your social networks of choice, and share your new posts automatically.

You’ll find the Publicize settings after clicking “Publish” in the pre-publish sidebar:

If you want to edit this after you schedule a post, just click on the green Jetpack icon on the toolbar and you’ll be able to edit.

In Brief

  • Title: Pick a good one
  • Content: … Right. Have some.
  • Schedule: Pick the post day and time to go live (don’t panic, you can change this later)
  • Category: Assign one, only use 2 if it is an exclusive and something else
  • Tags: Tag all the shows and actors mentioned in the article (use proper capitalization)
  • Header Image: Must be at least 825px wide, the height can be variable – bigger is better, the site will automatically resize the image for you, however try to keep it no more than 3 megs
  • Excerpt: Write up a 1 to 2 sentence excerpt that will be used on the home page and all other lists of posts.
  • SEO: Choose a key phrase and use the Yoast SEO box at the bottom to tweak the search result listing, Twitter preview and Facebook preview
  • Publicize: Edit the tweet that will go out when the post goes live under “Publicize” (see above) – remember to use Hashtags