We have a number of shortcodes available however most have been converted to blocks. The following remain for use inside other blocks.


Insert Bootstrap badge code as a shortcode not HTML.

Usage: [badge url="LINK" class="class class"]TEXT[/badge]


  • URL: Link for the badge (optional)
  • Class: CSS classes (optional, but you can use Bootstrap classes)

More information on Bootstrap Badges

Usage: [copyright year=(start year) text=(copyright text)]


  • year = (int) start year. (default: current year)
  • text = (text) copyright message. (default: © )

Number of Posts via shortcodes

Usage: [numposts data="posts" posttype="post type" term="term slug" taxonomy="taxonomy slug"]


  • data = [posts|taxonomy]
  • posttype = post type
  • term = term slug
  • taxonomy = taxonomy slug

This Month

Deprecated: We don’t use this anymore.

Display This Month recap of characters and shows added

Usage: [thismonth] or [thismonth date="2017-01"]

Outputs UL list:

  • X shows added
  • X characters added