Staging Server

When testing code, it’s always smart to roll things out to a development server first. We use which is protected behind a password.

Please contact Mika for access.

Using Staging

Log in with your normal LezWatch.TV user ID and password and use the site as normal. There will be no impact to the live site.

Building Staging

Within the DreamPress Panel, go to DreamPress and click on the LezWatchTV.COM domain. From there, click on the staging tab. All we ever do is copy Live to Staging.


Once the files are copied, connect via SSH and run the following commands:

$ cd ~/
$ wp plugin deactivate facetwp-cache google-analytics-for-wordpress imagify
$ wp plugin toggle varnish-http-purge wp-rocket wp-rocket-compat-dreampress
$ rm wp-content/db.php wp-content/advanced-cache.php
$ mkdir wp-content/uploads/lezpress-icons wp-content/uploads/lezpress-icons/symbolicons
$ wp plugin install debug-bar query-monitor --activate
$ wp config set WP_DEBUG true
$ wp config set LWTV_DEV_SITE true
$ wp config set JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG true
$ wp option set blogname "LWTV TEST SITE"

Next you’ll want to make sure we have the latest dev server code, so go to Codeship and re-run the last development builds for the following projects:

  • lwtv-underscores
  • lwtv-plugin